I’m 26 years old, I’m a film maker and I live and in Highland Park (LA).

I left high school early and moved to London where I toured with bands as a filmographer. After that I moved back to Los Angeles with a healthy drinking habit and inflated ego so I partied around for a while until I realized what a ding dong i was being and decided to go to film school.

I finished a thesis short and then traveled around until I settled down in Austin, Texas for 3 years or so. There, I started playing music with a band called the Cowabunga Babes and made music videos. I’d also like to add that in Austin I started a BBQ of the month club that I miss more than anything.

After that I moved back to California, continued making music videos and writing screen plays, and shot another documentary in London on a feminist choir called Gaggle.

This feels like a terrible list of things I have done, really I just read a lot and collect records, plan how to shoot something once a week, play music every day and try and remember not to have too much coffee.

I have basically been doing that, every day for the past 10 years no matter where I live.


VIDEO PREMIERE THE LOVELY BAD THINGS FRIED EYES: http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/196609/video-premiere-the-lovely-bad-things-fried-eyes/

instagram: cassmaster2000

If you call that a bad list, I am tearing up every plan I ever had in life. BADASS SHIT CASSIE. WE LOVE YOUR AESTHETIC AND SENSE OF FUN AND PLAY IN YOUR VIDEOS!